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What is Hypnobirthing? Will I be clucking like a chicken?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Will I be clucking like a chicken?

Rest assured, Hypnobirthing doesn’t get you clucking like a chicken, it isn’t gimmicky, hippy, out there or have a whiff of joss sticks about it (unless that is your thing of course).

So what is hypnobirthing?

We all go through trance-like self hypnosis multiple times a day, like day dreaming, like not really remembering your journey into work. This is what we can bring into the labour room too.

Compare it to like when an athlete prepares through practise, mindset, visualisations and

affirmations to affect how their body performs on the day.

Just like labour!!

Hypnobirthing with Mama Blossom is the same principle, where we use affirmations, breathing techniques, visualisation, massage, deep relaxation techniques and an in depth understanding of what happens to a woman’s body in labour and how we support it.

Is it for me and my partner?

Yes! Birth partner(s) are an important role in supporting you in labour and birth. Plus they will also find the relaxation and breathing techniques useful for them too!

Birth partners are guided through the course on;

- how to support you

- create the right environment

- protect you space

- be your voice

- be your anchor

- make you feel safe

- make you feel secure

- support you to enter the deep relaxed state

What do Hypnobirthing over a standard birthing/ antenatal course?

Hypnobirthing courses are more in depth and build on techniques with extra practise at home right up to your due date.

As well as how your body works, hypnobirthing goes to a much deeper level to;

- change how you think about birth

- help you feel more confident in your body

- help ease anxiety

- replace fears and concerns with positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs

As our mind and thinking state has a huge impact on pregnancy, birth and 4 th trimester, this is where hypnobirthing comes in. So working with the mind as well as the body brings huge benefits in all.

Alongside how your body works and how to support the right hormones in labour, Hypnobirthing teaches you how to go into a deep relaxed, trance like state. It’s here where the magic happens!

Where senses are reduced, conserving energy, the subconscious takes over, the body then uses it’s energy producing all those good hormones to support birth. However we birth our baby, these are still key in supporting both mum and baby.

Not only will hypnobirthing support our body and baby in labour, they will take you through making informed choices, helping you feel empowered to ask questions, produce birth plans that create

boundaries and choices that are right for you.

Through this journey you can feel empowered whatever your birth journey!

Is it just for labour and birth?

Nope, any level of relaxation and reduction of anxieties and fears supports both mum and baby in growth and development. As our body conditions baby for the world outside, why not condition them for a warm, safe, relaxed environment.

Having a positive birthing experience is key to creating the foundations for stepping into a new parenting journey too. It’s not how we birth, it’s about the choices we make and how it makes us feel. Starting a new parenting journey we want to feel positive, ready and a positive birthing experience is the start.

The fourth trimester can be tiring, those relaxation techniques will be needed most right now. And relaxed, confident parents help our baby to feel safe too.

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