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About the Mama Blossom Team

Rebecca Louis - Founder of Mama Blossom

Rebecca has a wealth of experience, a down to earth attitude and a playful and personal approach that makes everyone feel welcome in our classes and workshops. As a mother of four, experience of juggling high-profile jobs and managing family life Rebecca knows about the struggles and pressures to try and balance it all.

Rebecca is passionate to ensure we have a positive pregnancy, confident birth, and an informed and supported journey into motherhood.

Rebecca has been teaching fertility, antenatal, baby, and postnatal classes on land and in water for a few years now and have built a whole community supporting parents and babies right through pregnancy until little one is 4 years old. Providing a whole continuity of care, I believe in making informed choices, from conception, pregnancy, and birth through to parenting. All our classes help ease the way and ensure those choices are made easier and parents feel supported and reassured whatever choice or journey they take.

Rebecca has a real passion in supporting mums, dads, carers, and babies and therefore wanted to make available classes that would take care of it all. All the classes and workshops on offer ensure that there is something for everyone, from online to face to face classes, from groups to 1-1s, with a wealth of knowledge and training in all things pregnancy, birth and baby, mums and couples can feel fully supported and empowered as they venture into new beginnings.. 

And it’s not just first time parents, whether it’s your first, second….. sixth…many come to classes for the education and support they felt was missing first time, to meet others, for a bit of relaxation and bonding time or come back to do it all again as their first experience with Rebecca made such a difference they want to experience it all again. 

Rebecca has trained predominately with Birthlight and a trained HypnoBirthing, breastfeeding, baby swim at home, menopause yoga, drumming for birth, weaning, holistic sleep,cesarean scar therapy and baby wearing peer supporter too.  

2023/4 see’s so many new and exciting ventures to give more to her customers with a bigger studio, timetable and making classes & workshops even more accessible in Derby, Burton, Nottingham and Uttoxeter! 

Rebecca is so excited about 2023/4 and is looking forward to meeting new customers to go on their own Mama Blossom journey! 

So do get in touch, Rebecca would love to hear from you x 

Pregnancy Yoga Melissa.jpg

Melissa - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Burton & Swadlincote

"Hi, I’m Melissa and will be teaching pregnancy yoga in Burton-on-Trent with Mama Blossom.


I moved to Burton in December 2020 and very soon found I was expecting baby number 2. I’m a qualified yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher and after joining Rebecca’s classes through my own pregnancy, I became part of the Mama Blossom team in 2021 not long after the arrival of baby number 2.

From my very first class, I loved what mama blossom had to offer. The classes were really inclusive for all mums, whether completely new to yoga or very experienced, and from breathing, to relaxation to education I got so much from every single class and so much I wish I had known with my first baby. The small class sizes really helped to build a lovely community which I was incredibly grateful for especially as I was completely new to the area, I am still in touch with other mums from my pregnancy classes today.

So now I want to give to mums the same experience. I am passionate about bringing the village community back, helping women to stay active throughout their pregnancy, tools to connect to their breath and to baby and to find some ‘me time’ through relaxation. I always want to empower women to feel like they can make informed choices that are right for them, learn how to trust their body and how amazing it is throughout pregnancy and birth. 


You will find me running Pregnancy Yoga classes in Burton on trent & Swadlincote. My classes are relaxed and down to earth and I aim to create a fun, warm and nurturing atmosphere, helping women to have the most positive birthing experience they can. I look forward to welcoming you in to classes soon. 

Interesting fact? I’m a professionally trained dancer and barre concept teacher and my ideal ‘me’ time is a glass of wine, a bag of kettle chips and a good box set! 


You will find my classes here; 

Overseal Village Hall, Swadlincote  DE12 6LU & Wendy Bates School of dance, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 3AB


Erika - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Chester Green, Derby

I’m Erika, qualified maternity yoga teacher and currently training in Hypnobirthing!

I’m so excited to share my quirkiness and wisdom with all ladies! Supporting you all onto a positive journey into motherhood will be like a super power to me! 

I would describe myself as a dog lover with the personality of a cat! I often stay awake to appreciate the calmness of the night as well as the moon, but also thoroughly enjoy the sunshine! 

Can you tell I’m one of the people who Alanis Morissette sings about in the song Ironic?"

You will find my classes here; 

Chester Green Community Centre, Derby, DE1 3RR


Lucja - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Spondon, Derby

My name is Lucja and I teach pregnancy yoga in Spondon, Derby.
When I became pregnant in early 2020 I was surprised with the amount of fear and negativity about
pregnancy and birth. I felt that there must be more than that, so when I can across Mama Blossom I
knew I found home!
I have joined the team in 2021 and became passionate about sharing positivity and knowledge about
pregnancy and birth, but also bringing women together. I aim for my classes to be a safe harbour, a
place to find peace and calmness. By gentle yoga practice we learn how to listen to our bodies, keep
active throughout the pregnancy and in preparation for positive birth. At the same time, I love to
share with other women tools and knowledge that help with making informed choices, feeling
strong and empowered.
Outside of pregnancy yoga and my day job in Pharma sector I like to spend time with my toddler
, picking sticks and stones, blowing bubbles, drinking coffee, spending time on the allotment and reading books.
I am excited to meet you all, hear your story and share my knowledge and experience with you! You
will find me in Studio 84, in Spondon on Sunday nights 

Pregnancy Massage Heather.jpg

Heather - Post and Pre Natal Pregnancy Massage

"Hi I’m Heather and I’m the Massage Therapist at Mama Blossom. Offering treatments during and after pregnancy.

I’ve been qualified in beauty therapy and massage since 2010. In recent years studying and qualifying in pregnancy massage and joining the Mama Blossom team. I am passionate about holistic treatments about making people feel good.

Since having my own children and having pregnancy massage myself. I found it hugely beneficial during that time. It’s the perfect time to take some well deserved time out to truly relax, unwind and connect with baby. Especially when everyday life can be so busy.

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience and is very different for everyone. It is an important time to look after your mind and body. To nurture your well being through life is important. Especially during pregnancy a time full of change and transition. Massage has many health benefits for both yourself and baby.

That’s where I come in providing a lovely, gentle relaxing massage individually tailored to you. To help ease any aches and discomfort you may have. Improve sleep and help with stress, anxiety and improve general well-being. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing treatment/s using soothing and nourishing natural products.

When I’m not helping others I enjoy spending time with my family. Relaxing in the garden or catching up with friends over coffee and good food."


Kirsty - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Uttoxeter

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I'm a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher and teaching pregnancy yoga classes in Uttoxeter with Mama blossom

I gained so much knowledge from the mama blossom pregnancy yoga classes that i attended when i was pregnant with my baby girl ayla, who is now 7 months old; from relaxation, education about many aspects of pregnancy and birth, breathing techniques and also gentle movements to help with aches and pains and get the baby in the best position possible. Now I want to share this knowledge and experience with other mums. The classes are really inclusive and suitable for people who have never done yoga before, or are experienced in yoga. I first started doing yoga regularly in 2011 when I went to the shivananda ashram in India to help to ease my aching shoulders. Not only did it massively help my shoulders and overall fitness, it also helped to calm my mind and relax me both mentally and physically. I have totally embraced yoga doing it daily since then and I trained to be a yoga teacher in Vietnam in 2018, going on to teach in Vietnam and Panama. Yoga is a brilliant tool to connect the body and mind, it increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns and creates mental clarity and calmness One of my biggest interests and passions in life has always been discovering and learning different ways to help the body and mind to heal naturally. This has led me to train in different forms of massage, reflexology, hopi ear candles, aromatherapy, Reiki and yoga. Over the past 12 years I have done a lot of worldwide travelling and when I am in other countries I like to learn about their natural holistic ways of healing - what different massage techniques and healing herbs they use. Outside of pregnancy yoga I am a fundraiser for the air ambulance and Greenpeace and I teach circus skills like hoola hooping at festivals I look forward to welcoming you to my classes and creating a warm, calm and nurturing environment."


Emily - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher - Kirk Langley

"Hi, I’m Emily.

I’m trained as an antenatal teacher (including hypnobirthing), as a birth doula, in pregnancy/postnatal yoga and baby massage and yoga. I’m also a mother to 3 children.

I have been running antenatal classes since 2016 and I am very excited about joining Mama Blossom in 2024!
I believe in women empowering women, connection and community. I have had the immense privilege of being invited to provide support at births in my role as a doula and I have witnessed the power of women at this transformational time in their and their families lives. I bring this knowledge and female wisdom to my classes alongside evidence and ensuring you feel in control of your decision making.
I have personally used yoga to feel more grounded and connected (to myself and others) over the years and I now merge my passion and my skills and bring them to you. I create a space where you are welcome as you are, no matter what kind of day you are having.
I like to honour the time and energy you have invested in creating and birthing new life and the focus on you continues in my postnatal/baby classes. Babies naturally benefit from you being nurtured!
In my spare time I love reading, crochet, yoga, rowing, long walks and coffee with friends and holidays by the sea.
You’ll find me at Kirk Langley Village Hall. I offer pregnancy yoga, baby massage and mother and baby yoga."

The Studio at Stenson

The Mama Blossom Studio  

A small but perfectly formed studio located in a small business courtyard in Stenson, Derby (DE73 7HL). 

The Mama Blossom studio is at the heart of Mama Blossom classes and workshops for all things pregnancy and baby related, with a calm and relaxed atmosphere which feels more like a home than a studio it is the perfect place for small classes and workshops.  

Being the heart of Mama Blossom all the classes and workshops are available here. Located next to the Bubble Inn Hotel, Pub, café and more it’s a place where you can meet up, go for lunch or a stroll down the canal, many mums and couples make more of a day of it. 

Many friendships have been formed in the studio with just 4 couples per antenatal workshop and 5 mums in pregnancy yoga it’s really easy to get to know each other, parents then love to come back to the same safe space once baby arrives for baby classes. 

The Mama Blossom studio is also available for hire. 

Classes are also available in Hilton (Derby) Chester Green (Derby), Spondon (Derby), Overseal (Swadlincote), Burton on Trent, Uttoxeter and your own home. 

Aquanatal classes are also available, please get in touch to find out more

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