Rebecca Louis - Founder or Mama Blossom

Rebecca has a wealth of experience and a really down to earth attitude, a playful and personal approach that makes all feel welcome in her classes and workshops. As a mother of four, experience of juggling high profile jobs and managing family life Rebecca knows all too well the struggles and pressures to try and balance it all. 

Rebecca has a passion for a job as it’s a right to ensure we have a positive pregnancy, confident birth and an informed and supported journey in motherhood. 

Rebecca has been teaching fertility, antenatal, baby and postnatal classes on land and in water for a few years now and has built a whole community supporting parents and baby’s right through pregnancy until little one is 4 years old. Providing a whole continuity of care Rebecca believes in making informed choices, from conception, pregnancy and birth through to parenting, all of Rebecca’s classes help ease the way and ensure those choices are made easier and parents feel supported and reassured whatever choice or journey they take. 

Rebecca has a real passion in supporting mums, dads, carers and babies and therefore wanted to make available classes that would take care of it all. All the classes and workshops on offer ensure that there is something for everyone, from online to face to face classes, from groups to 1-1’s, with a wealth of knowledge and training in all things pregnancy, birth and baby mums and couples can feel fully supported and empowered as they venture on new beginnings. 

And it’s not just first time parents, whether it’s your first, second….. sixth…many come to classes for the education and support they felt was missing first time, to meet others, for a bit of relaxation and bonding time or come back to do it all again as their first experience with Rebecca made such a difference they want to experience it all again. 

Rebecca has trained predominately with Birthlight and a trained HypnoBirthing, breastfeeding and baby wearing peer supporter too.  

2021 see’s so many new and exciting ventures to give more to her customers with baby swim at home, yoga for menopause and making classes & workshops even more accessible remaining online as well as face to face! 

Rebecca is so excited about 2021 and is looking forward to meeting new customers to go on their own Mama Blossom journey! 

So do get in touch, Rebecca would love to hear from you x 

The Studio at Stenson

The Mama Blossom Studio 


A small but perfectly formed studio located near the canal in Stenson, Derby (DE73 7HL). 

The Mama Blossom studio is at the heart of Mama Blossom classes and workshops for all things pregnancy and baby related, with a calm and relaxed atmosphere which feels more like a home than a studio it is the perfect place for small classes and workshops.  

Being the heart of Mama Blossom all the land classes and workshops are available here. Located next to the Bubble Inn Hotel, Pub, café and more it’s a place where you can meet up, go for lunch or a stroll down the canal, many mums and couples make more of a day of it. 

The studio has it’s own toilet and refreshments are available in all classes. Many friendships have been formed in the studio with just 4 couples per antenatal workshop and 5 mums in pregnancy yoga it’s really easy to get to know each other, parents then love to come back to the same safe space once baby arrives for baby classes. 

The Mama Blossom studio is also available for hire. 

Land classes are also available in Hilton (Derby), Marchington (Uttoxeter) & Woodville (Swadlincote), Chester Green (Derby) and your own home. 

Aquanatal classes are just across the road from the studio at “The Sarah Bates School of Swimming”  and at 4 Strokes in Darley Abbey