Pregnancy Yoga Classes 

Pregnancy Yoga, Education, HypnoBirthing and Relaxation all in one class – Weekly 1.5 hrs 


Pregnancy yoga is a weekly 1.5hr class, bookable weekly online during lockdown. Available; 

Less than 14 weeks? Join us on a Thursday 6-7pm  ​here

Please get in touch if the class you are looking for is full, to be added to the waiting list.

Schedule for face to face classes, in line with guidelines available from 17th May 2021, available to book HERE

Sundays - 6pm Hilton, Derby (DE65 5LS) 

Sundays - 7.45pm Hilton, Derby (DE65 5LS)

Monday - 6pm Chester Green (DE1 3RR) 

Tuesday - 6pm Hilton, Derby (DE65 5LS) 

Tuesday - 7.45pm Hilton, Derby (DE65 5LS)

Wednesdays - 6pm Stenson (DE73 7HL) 

Thursdays 0-14 weeks - 6pm Stenson (DE73 7HL)

Thursdays - 7.30pm Stenson, Derby (DE73 7HL) 

TBA - Uttoxeter

TBA - Woodville


Classes are running live online during lockdown, when it is allowable to be face to face again (currently planned from 17th May & available to book) these will be available at Hilton (Derby), Stenson (Derby), Chester Green (Derby) Woodville (Swadlincote) & Uttoxeter in line with latest government guidelines with your safety of upmost importance

Suitable from 14 weeks (see separate class for less than 14 weeks) of pregnancy these 1.5hr classes are for pregnant mums.

These classes involve pregnancy yoga, breathing techniques, education, hypnobirthing, relaxation and the opportunity to meet other pregnant mums in a relaxing small class setting.

Other techniques with birth ball, chair yoga, wall yoga and rebozo scarf techniques 


Classes are perfect to help achieve a positive birth, whatever your birthing journey and nourish the body and mind to give benefits to mum and baby. Classes are perfect for 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th ….time mums. 

Classes are designed each week to give the mind, body and baby all they need to prepare for labour. Helping the body keep energised, ease pregnancy ailments (SPD, swelling, heartburn, tension, encourage blood flow, release stress, remove restriction, create space and flexibility in the pelvis and more…. 

Education and yoga are built up over each block to build knowledge and muscle memory ready for labour. Relaxation will help release the stress, bring in more hypnobirthing techniques and help you to have a better nights sleep. Alongside this breathing techniques and affirmations will be integrated ready for labour. 

The course covers all birthing journeys to remove fear, trust your body and prepare your mind and body to experience a positive birth, whatever the journey. 

Class sizes are small, for pregnant mums only and WhatsApp groups are set up so mums can keep in touch during their journey. You will also be invited to join our online closed community groups where topics of interest are shared, you can use as support and get togethers are organised.


Classes are currently live online, when face to face then at the Mama Blossom Studio Stenson (Derby), The Mease Pavilion, Hilton (Derby), Quaker House (Uttoxeter), Woodville Methodist Church (Swadlincote), Chester Green Community Centre (Derby)


To see all available classes click "Book Now" and select "Pregnancy Yoga" or "Online Pregnancy Yoga"

This is a 1.5hr class via Zoom. Book and pay for the weeks you want to come! 12 week rolling schedule so each class is different. Suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy ...
Online Pregnancy Yoga Weekly Sunday 6pm
1 hr 30 min

There are Pregnancy Yoga Classes available throughout the Derby area, or online if you prefer. For more details on any of our classes please pop us a message. 


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