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Mama Blossom Fertility Classes

Yoga to support Fertility 

Fertility Yoga Classes Derby


Thursdays, Stenson, Derby (DE73 7HL) 7-8pm, book/ pay weekly HERE

1-1's and online also available, please get in touch here

Mama Blossom Yoga to support fertility is suitable for women who are trying to conceive, planning to conceive in the next few months and those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF. Classes/ 1-1’s are also safe for women who have just conceived (0-14 weeks of pregnancy, please let us know as soon as you are pregnant). 

These weekly classes are a safe, unjudgmental space to support and be supported whilst promoting and optimum state of fertile health. It is in this quiet space that women have the chance to reconnect with themselves and access their deepest creative resources.

Yoga is applied to a natural stimulation of ovarian function and to womb ecology, the creation of an optimal womb environment. A variety of body, mind and spirit resources are drawn from yoga to help you to cope with the stress associated with uncertainties around this time and to increase the ability to self-nurture in preparation for motherhood.

Whether you are planning to conceive or you have been trying to have a baby for some time and may be undergoing IVF treatments, yoga to support fertility will help you relax and enhance your fertility with specific yoga-based exercises.  The focus is on creating space, releasing and on optimising blood flow to muscles and connective tissues in the lower pelvis. This activates the loops that link ovaries and hormonal pathways during the menstrual cycle and also in the early phases of conception and implantation.

It is recommended that these 1 hour weekly classes are attended for a minimum of 3 cycles/ 3 months to see optimal benefits.

1-1’s are also available (regular 45 minutes session is recommended), these can be on your own or as a couple, please get in touch for availability."

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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