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Lucja - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

My name is Lucja and I teach pregnancy yoga in Spondon, Derby. When I became pregnant in early 2020 I was surprised with the amount of fear and negativity about
pregnancy and birth. I felt that there must be more than that, so when I can across Mama Blossom I knew I found home!
I have joined the team in 2021 and became passionate about sharing positivity and knowledge about pregnancy and birth, but also bringing women together. I aim for my classes to be a safe harbour, a place to find peace and calmness. By gentle yoga practice we learn how to listen to our bodies, keep active throughout the pregnancy and in preparation for positive birth. At the same time, I love to share with other women tools and knowledge that help with making informed choices, feeling strong and empowered.
Outside of pregnancy yoga and my day job in Pharma sector I like to spend time with my almost 2yo son, picking sticks and stones, blowing bubbles, drinking coffee and reading books.
I am excited to meet you all, hear your story and share my knowledge and experience with you! You will find me in Studio 84, in Spondon on Sunday nights 

I did 3 blocks (so from about 14 weeks to 37 weeks pregnant) of pregnancy yoga with Lucja in Spondon. I loved every minute of it! Lucja is so lovely and knowledgeable. I loved the format of the classes (introduction, yoga, education then guided meditation) and despite this being my second baby I learnt so much. I loved being able to talk to other mums and Lucja about what was happening in my pregnancy and also listen to other mums. You also have access to online yoga videos and guided mediation made by mama blossom which I found really helpful. I don't do yoga when not pregnant but found this so helpful for keeping mobile and helping with my PGP. Would highly recommend :)

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