Mama Blossom Aquanatal Yoga

Mama Blossom Aquanatal Yoga – 1hr 

Mama Blossom Aquanatal Yoga is a perfect way to do some gentle exercise in pregnancy whilst relaxing, bonding with bump, meeting other mums and taking time out for you. 

Aquanatal Yoga is the perfect combination in pregnancy as it offers adaptions of classic yoga practices in the water to give benefits of stretching, relaxation, breathing techniques, buoyancy to aid movement and water resistance. Classes are suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and you need no previous yoga experience to attend.   

As swimming is the best form of exercise available to pregnant women you will learn the correct adaptions of classic swimming strokes to accommodate the growing baby, support the pelvis and changes in the body. 

And for baby remember, deep breathing nurtures you, slows the pulse and lowers your blood pressure. The release of endorphins causes a feeling of calmness and well-being. The relaxation you experience passes directly to your baby and benefits them with increased blood flow to the placenta and the sharing of bonding time in pregnancy. 

There are many benefits for mum and bump,  

  • Freedom of movement, discreet environment 

  • Stretching, breathing, toning and relaxing 

  • Opens up the pelvis, elongating the spine, expanding breathing capacity 

  • Improve circulation, detoxifies 

  • Adapted for pregnancy conditions such as pelvic girdle pain 

  • Maintains flexibility of the spine and joints 

  • A safe, gentle and effective way to tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles 

  • Relaxation 

  • Gentle form of exercise 

  • Preparation for birth 


If you are a non swimmer please contact Mama Blossom before booking. 


Birthlight Aquanatal Yoga is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. 

Booking for Aquanatal classes is currently via The Book When site just click the button

Mama Blossom Aquanatal Couples – 30 min

With all the benefits of Aquanatal Yoga, adapted for pregnant mum and partner. 

Couples work together in the pool to gain all the same benefits as Aquanatal Yoga plus bonding for mum, partner and bump. A beautiful class bringing families together and additional relaxation for mum and bump as partners support them. 

Classes are run as a 1-1 or in small groups. Please contact me if you are interested in one of these classes 

Booking for Aquanatal classes is currently via The Book When site just click the button