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Rebecca Louis - Founder of Mama Blossom

Rebecca has a wealth of experience, a down to earth attitude and a playful and personal approach that makes everyone feel welcome in our classes and workshops. As a mother of four, experience of juggling high-profile jobs and managing family life I know about the struggles and pressures to try and balance it all.
Rebecca is passionate to ensure we have a positive pregnancy, confident birth, and an informed and supported journey into motherhood.

Rebecca has been teaching fertility, antenatal, baby, and postnatal classes on land and in water for a few years now and have built a whole community supporting parents and babies right through pregnancy until little one is 4 years old. Providing a whole continuity of care, I believe in making informed choices, from conception, pregnancy, and birth through to parenting. All our classes help ease the way and ensure those choices are made easier and parents feel supported and reassured whatever choice or journey they take

Rebecca teaches various classes and workshops at the Main Studio in Stenson, Hilton and Chester Green

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