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Classes are now available online.

As well as face to face, all classes are available as live online sessions via Zoom. They are available at various times to suit you, and are really easy to join.  

You can find out more about the individual classes and what to expect by following the links below. 

Pregnancy Yoga Online

Classes are designed to give the mind, body and baby all they need to prepare for labour.

Helping the body keep energised, ease pregnancy ailments (SPD, swelling, heartburn, tension, constipation, insomnia), bring symmetry to the body, create space for baby to grow, encourage baby into a good position, release tension, encourage blood flow, release stress, remove restriction, create space and flexibility in the pelvis and more... 

Baby Classes Online

Classes involve baby massage and baby yoga movements to help them slowly uncurl, alongside pelvic floor exercises, gentle postnatal movements and relaxation. Classes are integrated with rhythm and rhyme to give an all round experience for mum and baby together. Classes will differ slightly depending on babies age. 

Postnatal Classes Online

A lovely relaxing class for mums to recharge and heal the body and mind. 

Motherhood is a changing journey and classes are built to support this. Classes involve the perfect mix of yoga movement, mindfulness, relaxation, pelvic floor and core exercises. 

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are an excellent way of better preparing yourself for the birth of your baby.


They allow expectant parents to access different advice and information from trained professionals, as well as making friends with other parents to be. Classes are usually informal, and provide a positive and fun atmosphere for parents to ask questions, meet people and learn different techniques and methods that will ultimately make pregnancy and the arrival of the baby easier and less stressful.

An number of workshops are available, build the antenatal classes that are right for you.

All equipment for baby care workshops delivered and collected from your home address.


Learn how to birth your baby comfortably and calmly.


This amazing program teaches you and your birth partner(s), the experience of birthing in a safer, stress-free manner. You will learn a philosophy of birth as well as techniques that will enable you to use your body’s natural relaxants, lesson, or even eliminate, discomfort and the need for medication.

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