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Couples Antenatal Workshops & Classes

Coupes Antenatal Top

@ The Mama Blossom Studio, Stenson, Derby - Group and 1-1's

Build your own complete antenatal education course for you and your partner, working together.

Find your workshop/ course HERE to book under "Couples Antenatal"


Working together.  

Antenatal classes for couples are an excellent way of preparing you and your birth partner for the birth of your baby. They allow you to access advice and information from a trained professional as well as making friends with other parents to be. Classes are informal and provide a positive and fun atmosphere for parents to ask questions, meet people and learn different techniques and methods that will ultimately make pregnancy and the arrival of the baby easier and less stressful. 

Pregnancy comes with a lot of confusion and many questions. Am I doing this right? Should I be doing more of this? What happens if? How will my partner cope in the birthing environment? How can my birth partner support? Antenatal classes are designed to answer all of your questions and queries, share with you all the evidence to allow you to make informed choices, to approach birth as a team, to help parents relax and feel confident about bringing baby into the world. This workshops and courses will be as supportive and helpful as possible in order to make the whole pregnancy, birth and baby process easier for you as parents. 

Birth Preparation – Mum & Birth Partner – 6hrs

What is your birth partners role? What do we need to know for labour?

Over the 6 hours we will work through complete antenatal education to ensure you can have a positive birth journey by making informed choices as a couple. As well as elements of the active birth workshop we will cover; 

Early signs of labour, stages of labour, how to speed up or slow down labour, active birth techniques and why they are effective, what fears and anxieties you have and how to overcome them, breathing techniques, mums inbuilt toolkit, massage techniques, what is a birth partners role, birth plans, what to pack, birth journey scenarios, choices, C Section, water birth, interventions, additional forms of pain relief, how you may feel and how your partner can support, why labour may slow and what you can do to prevent it or alter its course, third stage and more. 

Antenatal Baby Care and 4th Trimester - Mum and Partner - 6hrs

How to take care of baby, feed, change, soothe, sleep, hold and wind. 

In preparation of little ones arrival this couples course will give you all the basics you need to take care of your baby. We will cover; 

How to change, bathe, dress, wind, hold & calm your baby. Feeding choices, safety, coping as new parents, sleeping, postnatal mum, 4th trimester baby, baby massage, sling wearing & making parenting choices that are right for you. 

For online you will be delivered a baby kit to use during sessions 

Breastfeeding Workshop - 3hrs

What do I need to know for my breastfeeding journey, how can my partner support and what challenges may I face, how can I prepare

This Antenatal Breastfeeding Class is designed to support expectant parents in their preparations for, understanding of and expectations of breastfeeding their baby. Preparing you for those first few hours, days and weeks to give you the best possible chance for a successful breastfeeding journey. 

The workshop covers: benefits of breastfeeding; the first hour; anatomy and physiology; hunger cues; positioning and attachment; the first 10 days; expressing milk; and challenges. 

1-1’s – All of these can be delivered as a 1-1 or we can design your own pregnancy, birth and baby preparation. These can be done at a time that suits you as live online or when able to at the Mama Blossom studio or at your own home.


If you need anymore details about any of our Pregnancy classes for couples please just pop us an email, text or phone call.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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