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Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones is a traditional ritual from Ecuador and other parts of Central and South America to postnatal women, whether they have carried full term or not. The treatment involves massage and body wrapping with the use of rebozo’s, has many benefits physically and mentally for the postnatal mother. The ceremony can be considerably powerful in helping to heal emotions, even many years after the birth itself. 


A closing the bones ceremony can help you feel ‘sealed’, put back together, safe, nurtured and cared for by your sisters. It helps to close a new mother ‘energetically’ after going through a deeply ‘opening’ processes of pregnancy, labour and childbirth, however we birth our baby. After going through such a deep opening process of pregnancy, labour and childbirth which can leave a woman feeling empowered but also deeply vulnerable physically, psychologically and emotionally. 


As pregnancy, labour and birth revolves around opening up, once baby is here the mothers body requires sealing or closing as it can feel raw and vulnerable, this is where the tradition of closing the bones came in, practised anything from hours to years after birth, this nurturing treatment is helping the new mother to recover physically and mentally. Nurturing the mother in a way she needs, just as she nurtures and gives to her baby.

How and where is the treatment?

  • This can be as a 1-1 with or without baby present

  • It can also be very powerful as a ceremony with a close circle of female friends and family. This can be a lovely way to acknowledge with them your transition and how they are part of that support.

  • Both can be either in your own home or at the Mama Blossom Studio in Stenson, Derby

What are my choices?

Closing the Bones
  • As a 1-1 or as a ceremony with a group of close female friends and/or family. In your home or at the Mama Blossom studio in Stenson, Derby

  • 1 to 1.5 hours –£60 to £70 rebozo work only

  • 2 hour –£80 - Hip rebozo work, abdominal massage, hip rebozo sift/ rock, rebozo wrap whole body, relaxation, tea and chat

  • 3 hour – £120 - Rebozo massage & rock entire body, standing then laid down. Hip sifting/rocking. Abdominal massage plus chest, shoulders, arms, hips. Rebozo wrap whole body, relaxation, tea and chat.

  • 4 hour – £160 - As per 3 hour, plus rebozo massage fascia release work on full body. Relaxing swing techniques on all limbs and sacram release.

  • The treatment is to help you feel nurtured and restored, to move forward in an empowered and positive way, with your both healed through a caring touch and warming disposition.

Whereas many cultures around the world have an understanding of the vulnerability of a new mother and the need for her to be cared for, nurtured to recover from pregnancy and birth. With traditions including nourishing food, time of confinement, bodywork techniques etc… here we seem to have forgotten them. So here we are, a tradition of closing the bones, where in Ecuador women are given this massage within hours of the birth and then continue through the first 40 days.

What are the benefits?

Helps moves hormones, stimulate the immune system, stimulates circulation which helps cleanse, renew and move fluids, restores health of the reproductive system. help tone muscle and tissues, help release trauma from the fascia (connective tissue) as well as hydrating and lengthening the fascia. Done Postpartum it helps stimulate shrinkage of the uterus and helps to move the uterus and bladder move back into their pre-pregnant position. Help ease back ache, release tension, helps the pelvis to narrow again, the rib cage to narrow, help with diastasis recti (abdominal separation) recovery. Ease unresolved emotional tension and trauma through massage and bringing a woman’s energy drawn back into her womb When is this treatment helpful? 


  • During the Postpartum

  • After baby loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion

  • Where a hysterectomy is suggested or after a hysterectomy

  • Fertility issues

  • To mark the end of a breastfeeding journey

  • To prepare the body for conception

  • To assist with perimenopause or to mark menopause as passage into Wise Woman

  • To help with endometriosis, PCOS, cysts, painful periods, prolapse

  • Help with diastasis recti

  • For healing from abuse, trauma, trafficking, female genital mutilation….

What happens?

Depending on the length and treatment you choose it may involve some or all of the following. We use traditional shawls called a rebozo, the rebozo’s used are purchased where this tradition originates in Ecuador. These are used to rock and massage different parts of the body, helping ease tension, discomfort, articulate joints and the rocking the hips. You are fully clothed, stood for part of the treatment and then laid on yoga mats with blankets, bolsters, pillows etc for support. For the treatment there is an option of a complex abdominal and pelvic massage using a warming oil to help ease organs back in place, remove tension in the uterus and bladder. Working into the hip bones for the massage, helping release stagnated energy and draw your energy back to your creative centre. Then finish with hip sifting, rocking and wrapping the hips tightly, then followed by a
wrap of the rest of the body. Finishing the treatment with a relaxation whilst wrapped.

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