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Scar Massage - Caesarean Scar Therapy

These workshops are suitable from 4 weeks to 7 years postnatal.

Some of the issues reported by women who have scarring to their abdominal area are:

Pain on intercourse

Pain on ovulation

Pain on passing urine or opening bowels

Impaired bladder and bowel function and control

Poor postural alignment, reduced activation of the pelvic floor

Inability to repair abdominal diastasis (separation of the tummy muscles)

A weakened core system.

Loss of sensitivity

Lower back/ pelvis pain

Exercise, mobilisation and massage of the scar are essential for freeing up deeper layers of scar tissue and helping to improve posture, mobility, core stability, reduce discomforts, improve fertility....

It is recommended you do three of these workshops 1-2 months apart so you can practice the techniques between sessions and build upon them in each workshop. You can start any time from 4 weeks to several years following a caesarean. Mid week and weekend sessions you are welcome to come alone or with baby Workshops involve massage, movement, chat and relaxation. Limited to just 3 mums per workshop and run at the Mama Blossom Studio in Stenson (DE73 7HL). 1-1's are also available here or your own home (£50)

C-Sections or Caesarean 

With caesarean births becoming more common in the UK, recovery and support is still poor. We are seeing many women struggling with the following so have trained and qualified to bring these Scar Therapy Massage Workshops to you. 

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