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Why should we give Baby Yoga Classes a try? What are the benefits of Baby yoga for me and my Baby?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Baby Yoga is an activity to encourage interaction between parent/ carer and child. With the power of touch, just the same as baby massage, it’s an essential part to help with the bonding process between parent/ care and child. I gives you precious time together.

Benefits of Baby Yoga for your Baby

  • Gentle helps baby to uncurl and stretch their limbs

  • Stimulates growth of brain cells, encouraging imagination and creativity

  • Aids sleeping patterns, Not only does it provide a gentle, but effective full body workout for your little one, it can be used to create a routine whereby your baby sleeps during the day which they need for optimal development and growth.

  • Aids digestion - baby's delicate digestive system can benefit greatly from Yoga exercises such as gentle cycling movements of the legs. This can help relieve wind, which in turn, will assist with better sleep and reduced fussiness

  • Creates a sense of rhythm for baby. - Yoga poses are practised to songs to develop baby's sense of rhythm and promote language development and communication between you and your baby.

  • Helps coordination ready to get mobile

  • Improves baby core strength and aids independent sitting

  • Babies are more aware of their bodies and actions

Benefits of Baby Yoga for mums

  • Eases mums back into yoga

  • Increases parents confidence in handling baby, giving you the support of others in the group as your confidence builds.

  • Helps mums body to repair and recover

  • Helping mums improve pelvic floor health, improve posture, release tension and increase strength

  • It’s Great for Emotional Well-Being. Becoming a parent is stressful, and yoga can help ease new-parent jitters as well as afford mothers and fathers the opportunity to nourish and care for their own bodies through focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises.

  • Time to interact with other parents and babies in a safe, relaxed environment. A chance to discuss with others how everything is going and how you are feeling.

Baby Yoga Classes Derbyshire

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