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Amanda's Birth Plan

Birth Plan

Use of birth ball / active movement at home to progress labour far enough to contractions lasting 45 to 60 seconds and occur three to four minutes apart.

Breath in for 4 counts through nose and blow softly out for 7 counts through mouth.

Relax jaw.

Contractions - use escalator breath. In for 4 counts through your nose and release in 1 strong blow out of mouth.

No vaginal internal monitoring on arrival.

Active movement - leave me to progress freely 'upright'. Use of birth ball/ropes/sling if available.

Water birth for labour with use of hypnobirthing techniques.

Dim lightning, quiet and calm environment during labour and birth.

OUT breath when labouring.

Intermittent monitoring only.

Use of natural processes to stimulate any pauses in labouring.

Do not offer me any intervention or pain relief.

I do not wish to be induced.

Do not break my waters.

Delay cord clamping until white (stopped pulsating and drained of blood).

I will cut the cord.

Calm and dimly lit for first hour after birth.

Immediate skin to skin contact in any birthing situation.

Exams done on chest.

Weight done only after golden hour.

If changes are required these must be at a very last resort with evidence of risk/problems explained. Before any decisions are made please involve me and let me have time to discuss any decisions that need to be made so that I give my concent. Please ensure a continued approach to the above plan and environment as much possible.

Natural third stage (delivery of placenta) if possible. Injection if struggling after time.


Minimal stay if no complications after birth.

If I need stitches afterwards I do not want them to be checked / inspected the following day(s) unless I ask them to be.

Once post natal assessments have been completed, please do not repeat again.

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