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Helens Birth Story

High Risk - Pregnancy and Systemic Lupus

Due to having Systemic Lupus (an autoimmune disease) and suffering from extreme fatigue, joint pain and organ involvement before pregnancy. I was considered as high risk and I was consultant led due to the risk to me and our baby.

My Birthing Choice

My birthing choice was always to have an elective c section - this for me gave me some control of knowing when my baby was born and no long labour adding to my fatigue levels. I was told that I could have a natural birth but I had big health anxiety around my health condition and giving birth and trying to keep my medication and ongoing symptoms as stable and as minimal as possible. I felt that I was able to express my choices and wishes for birthing my baby to the consultant but only after completing the pregnancy yoga course as they were pushing natural birth.

My elective c section was agreed and the date given for 38weeks and 4 days. I had the best experience I could have asked for, it was completed by my own consultant which was really nice to have her birth my baby after my pregnancy journey. All the staff were brilliant in the theatre explaining all parts of the operation and talking to me throughout without the medical jargon and I felt really relaxed and calm throughout. My husband was able to be with me throughout and he was able to cut the umbilical cord at the optimum time. We did skin to skin contact, as soon as this was done and she was weighed and I attempted breast feeding in recovery - all my birth choices were followed. The midwife who was with me for the day was really supportive and reassured me during the c section, she helped us to capture the whole experience with photos and videos and she helped me with breast feeding in the recovery room and afterwards.

On the whole the birth of my baby girl was a very pleasant experience and all my thoughts, feelings and choices were listened to throughout. My recovery has also been better than I could have ever could have imagined as well.

High risk pregnancy and Birth choices
Helens Birth Story

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