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Top Tips for keeping your baby cool in Hot Weather

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Hot weather can be uncomfortable and create havoc on any sleep and feeding patterns. Just like adults in hot weather, babies wake more at night, want to feed more frequently, get upset more easily and get too warm.

TIPS for Babies Bedroom

Keeping babies room as cool as possible is a must.

- Keep bedrooms cool by leaving black out blinds and curtains closed.

- Only open windows when there is no sun on that side of the house.

- Use light cotton bedding and clothing.

- It’s ok for baby to just wear a nappy when it’s too hot.

- Use a fan in the room but this must not be pointed on to baby.

- It is recommended to keep babies in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

Tips for Feeding Baby

- Breastfed babies don’t need extra water if under 6 months. Mums milk will be more watery and babies should be feeding more often. Mums need to stay well hydrated then too!

- Formula fed babies will need a little water and also more milk

- When feeding and holding baby, if it’s getting sweaty put a muslin cloth between yours and babies skin

- Remember that skin to skin will still help cool baby down as your body will adapt

- Parents can help cool themselves down by putting their feet in cold water, good tip when sat down feeding

Tips for going out with baby.

- Don’t cover a pushchair, even with a muslin cloth as it creates a stuffy, hot pocket that can be hotter than outside!

- Careful with seat belts, the metal pieces can get hot in the car. Check before you put baby into the seat

- Put a wet towel next to the window at night time. It drawers the warm air coming in through it and cools the room

- A damp muslin or flannel placed in a zip lock bag in the fridge. Use this on your next, chest or tummy to cool you down

- Place a bottle of frozen water in front of a fan

- Have a room thermometer and check recommendations on what baby should be wearing.

Slow down, use some relaxation tracks and enjoy!!

For more tips on caring for your baby you may like to join one of our baby care classes. These are held in Derby, at our studio in Stenson.

For more details on the current class availability check out our Couples Antenatal classes, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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