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Emily and Georgie's Birth Story

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

On 7th June, I had a sweep at 1pm; after my first pregnancy I was doubtful it would work, added in the fact that it was a student midwife who conducted it. Baby was 3/5s engaged, cervix soft but thick. I chose to have a sweep as I was fed up of being pregnant in the heat and I was willing to give anything a go to get the baby out. Afterwards, I was incredibly sore with my SPD, to the point I couldn't bear any weight on my left side. By the evening I was having mild period pains, nothing unusual in pregnancy. At 1am I woke up with stronger pains and I began to wonder if I needed a poo or if it was the start of labour. Well, it was both. I got back in bed for another hour or so, but by 3am I decided it was best I go downstairs and start timing the contractions. Whilst timing contractions I was using my breathing techniques and bouncing on a birthing ball, and watching "End of the f****** world" on Netflix. By 4 I'd decided that yep, I was definitely in labour and got my husband out of bed. At 5, I called PAU and said the contractions were every 3/4 mins and lasting roughly 45 seconds. They were happy for me to come in but I decided to wait at home a bit longer. Mistake. By half 5 the contractions were coming thick and fast, every 2-3 minutes and lasting 45 seconds still. I decided I needed to go the hospital. At 6.15 we were on our way in and I felt like I wanted to push! Shouting no and trying to hold the contraction in was difficult. I got to the reception of the labour ward and couldn't prevent the pushing. I was wheeled down the corridor shouting "Noooo! I think I've pooed myself!! I can feel it in my pants!!" The midwife assured me I hadn't and it was baby making an arrival. By 6.41am Georgiana Rose had entered the world. All 7lb8 of her. Team yellow was now team pink and I couldn't believe it, I was convinced I was having a boy. I had only used breathing techniques and had no pain relief. I amazed myself. Georgie was delivered in the room with the birthing pool, because she arrived so quickly the pool hadn't even filled by the time she came out. After a couple of hours of skin to skin, I used the birthing pool to have the best post birth bath. I loved it.

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