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Erika - Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

​I’m Erika and a soon qualified maternity yoga teacher! I’m so excited to share my quirkiness and wisdom with all ladies! Supporting you all onto a positive journey into motherhood will be like a super power to me! 

I would describe myself as a dog lover with the personality of a cat! I often stay awake to appreciate the calmness of the night as well as the moon, but also thoroughly enjoy the sunshine! 

Can you tell I’m one of the people who Alanis Morissette sings about in the song Ironic?"

Super useful learning that I used throughout my pregnancy and labor. Great place to ask any questions with knowledgeable teachers, had great experiences with both Erika and Rebecca. Loved the yoga to keep myself moving throughout pregnancy, even when I definitely didn’t have the motivation to!

Daisy Maclennan

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