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Closing the Bones Ceremony - 2 Hrs

1-1 Rebozo Massage at the Mama Blossom Studio, Stenson

  • 2 hr
  • 90 British pounds
  • Mama Blossom Studio, Stenson, Derby DE73 7HL

Service Description

For the 2 hours treatment we start by wrapping a Rebozo (shawl) around your hips, like a hammock, and gently rocking your hips in a distinctive rhythm – a process we call ‘sifting’ – , allowing the lower vertebrae to be released and allowing mobilisation of the pelvis and hips. We take our time for this process, and with all steps of the Closing the Bones you as a client are in control and get to decide the pace, rhythm and intensity of the movement and touch. The sifting is followed by a gentle but firm abdominal massage which works from your pubic bone up to your ribs. The focus during the abdominal massage is to remove tension in the uterus and bladder, bring the organs back to their original position, and work into the hip bones, thus releasing blocked and stagnated energy. The massage includes the breaking up of adrenalin crystals which have formed on the hip bones and indicate unresolved emotion and trauma. Ultimately, the massage helps to draw your energy back to your creative centre: your womb. The treatment continues with a second round of ‘sifting’ (rocking the hips in the Rebozo shawl). Finally, this Rebozo is firmly tied around your hips and abdomen to hold the uterus and bladder in place. We then continue by closing your skull/forehead, shoulders, knees and ankles as well with Rebozo shawls. I cover you up nice and warm and give you a lavender eye pillow to allow even deeper relaxation. Once ‘closed’ you are able to lie quietly as long as you wish or need while gentle music can play. Emotional release is possible and I will hold the space for you to go through this. The firm hold of the cloth allows you to let go and go deep inside.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds and Cancellations Mama Blossom is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire course. They are not obliged to guarantee an alternative class for missed lessons (unless this is due to them cancelling class). For a pregnancy class, if mum has baby early or during a course a pro rata refund will be given or credited towards baby classes if they run locally. In the unfortunate event you should suffer a miscarriage when attending a pregnancy class, please inform Mama Blossom and we will arrange a FULL refund.

Contact Details



Mama Blossom Studio, Stenson, Derby, UK

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