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What should I pack for hospital, when I give birth? What should go in my hospital bag?

These are questions every new mum to be needs to know the answers to. I hope that these checklists come in handy for you. I think that it is useful to have all bags ready to go, even if you are planning a home birth. I have put these lists together from my own experiences and those of the mums I have met through my pregnancy and baby classes.

There is a lot going on for you at the moment, so hopefully this list will give you something to work to when you start packing your bags.

TIP!! Even if you are planning a home birth it is wise to prepare a bag.

Things to have ready for the Labour ward

o Calming music

o Maternity notes & birth Preferences

o Hydrating Drinks (water, energy drinks, sports bottle, bendy straw)

o Food (energy boosting)

o Lip Balm

o Tens unit

o Brush, hair bobble, toiletry bag, tissues

o Flannels/ Fan/ Spray – cool you down

o Warm socks (feet can get cold in labour)

o Cash/ change/ card

o Footwear (slippers, crocs/ flip flops are easy to slide on and off and for showering in)

o Lightweight nightdress/ strappy dress

o Towel (large) or nice towel dressing gown to get into after a bath/ shower/ pool

o Mobile phone/ camera & chargers

o Oxytocin releasing/ chill out relaxation kits (what works for you, anchors)

o Lighting (dim)

o Favourite pillow (can be your pregnancy one)/ blanket with scent of home

o Spare t shirt, shorts for pool, cool clothes for birth partner (PLUS snacks & drinks too!)

o Relaxing fragrance/ aromatherapy oils

o Noise cancelling headphones/ eye pillow

o Yoga mat (comfort for floor positions)

o Birth ball (check if these are readily available)

TIP!! Remember that space in the hospital will be limited. Have a bag for labour that can then quickly be swapped with another bag from the car when baby is born. And if baby’s bag is separate too with that first outfit in in a zip lock bag for ease.

Postnatal Bag

o Maternity pads (lots!)

o Pants – cotton pants you don’t mind staining or throwing away. Some over belly button in case you have a caesarean birth

o Book

o Own pillow

o Wheat bag/ gel pack

o Spray bottle/ jug

o More snacks and drinks

o Night dress (good if still have a canula fitted)/ PJ’s/ light weight dressing gown

o Comfortable clothes to go home in (you will still have a bump and high waisted in case of caesarean)

o Hand wipes/ antibacterial hand cleanser

o Tissues

o Toiletry Bag (include face wipes, fragrance free shower gel, fragrance free body lotion)

o Nursing bras and breast pads

o Nipple cream if breastfeeding (Lansinoh recommendation, use before and after feeds)

o Bath Towel

TIP!!! As babies skin is thin and can react to products (and for it not to sting with stitches) make sure wash gel/ body lotion etc is fragrance


TIP!! Pack enough for 24hrs only, leave extra sets out at home that can be brought in if staying longer.

New Babies Bag

o Newborn vests, babygrows & scratchmits

o Muslin squares

o Baby car seat

o Hat, cardigan, blanket for going home (remove layers in car…)

o Nappies, cotton wool, nappy bags

o Old towel to use on the mat when changing

o Travel changing mat

o Formula milk and bottles if not intending to breastfeed

Other things to think about before baby arrives

TIP!! Practice fitting the car seat before baby arrives!!!

This is a top tip, that will make things so much easier when you are leaving the hospital.

TIP!! Check if your hospital/ birthing centre has a place for partners to stay, they may need an overnight bag

While you prepare for your new arrival you might like to think about Hypnobirthing.

Preparing you for a calm, confident, positive birth. Available in your home or at the studio. The Mongan method HypnoBirthing has been recognised as the leader in natural birthing education for over a quarter of a century. This 12.5hr course is delivered to you by Mama Blossom over five 2.5hr sessions either 1-1 or as a group, at the Mama Blossom studio in Stenson Derby (DE73 7HL), your own home or via live online.

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