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Hello I am Rebecca founder of Mama Blossom

I have a real passion for supporting mum's, dads, carers and babies and therefore wanted to make classes available take care of all of their needs. All the classes and workshops on offer ensure that there is something for everyone, from online to face to face classes, from groups to 1-1’s, with a wealth of knowledge and training in all things pregnancy, birth and baby mum's and couples can feel fully supported and empowered as they venture on new beginnings. 

And it’s not just first time parents, whether it’s your first, second….. sixth…many come to classes for the education and support they felt was missing first time, to meet others, for a bit of relaxation and bonding time or come back to do it all again as their first experience made such a difference they want to experience it all again. 

The classes currently available in Woodville are Yoga Based Birthing, Couples Antenatal - dependent on demand. 

You can check class availability and Book here! 

Antenatal Yoga 

I believe that women should feel confident and empowered in their ability to make choices and have a positive birth, however the birth journey develops. My classes can help deliver this through the breathing techniques, active antenatal education, yoga based movement, relaxation and birth hypnosis.

Classes can help ease away pregnancy symptoms and adapt to your changing body. They are suitable to all and don’t worry, you don’t have to be fit or flexible to participate in these classes.

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Mama Blossom Aqua

Swimming is the most commonly recommended form of exercise for pregnant women. Conventional swimming strokes (especially breaststroke), can create strain on pelvic and lower back muscles. With its extensive use of the breath, Aquanatal Yoga allows pregnant women to stretch as their babies grow, without straining, to avoid impact and overheating and to access deep relaxation in a quick and easy manner.

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“I would highly recommend Rebecca of Mama Blossom. I attended the Pregnancy yoga classes, hypnobirthing classes and the baby care workshop. All were really informative. Rebecca always made me feel at ease and I felt I could ask lots of questions and be given different options. I really feel Rebecca’s classes prepared me for facing all that labour and birth bring your way! Now baby is here I can’t wait for the baby classes. Thank you Rebecca.xx” 

—  Lauren Collins

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