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Missed you

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Mums often send me their birthing stories but this amazing mum (Danielle) has wrote a poem that I am sure will touch your heart and resonate just as it did me.

“Missed you”

Go to sleep

Let me rest

Why only settle

Upon my chest?

Feeding finished

Your big eyes close

Little snores come

From your tiny nose

A warm, safe cot

Waits for you

A cosy blanket

To snuggle into

Do I dare

Put you down?

Watching closely

For a wince or frown

Slowly slowly

We come apart

Yet still connected

Heart to heart

You’re in your bed

It’s a win for mummy

You should sleep well

With your full tummy

Quick, quick

I’ve got some time

Do I do the chores

Or just unwind?

Despite the comfort I find

In a stretch, a snooze

I’m still listening out

For your ahhs and oohs

When you start to stir

And open your eyes

I take a deep breath

And I realise

You’ve become a limb

An extension of me

I no longer need

To have both hands free

Whether it’s been

Five minutes or longer

I know that sleep

Makes you bigger and stronger

But that doesn’t mean

That with each passing second

I’m patiently waiting

To be finally beckoned

When the time comes

For me to hold you again

I smile with relief

You’ll never hear me complain

When you’re not in my arms

I have to admit

I hate being without you

I just can’t help it

We just need each other

I hope you feel it too

What I’m trying to say is…

I really missed you

Created by Danielle Hull

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