How It Is To Raise Humans

I am just a mother. Like so many I sit and weave love and kindness and all the wisdom gained into the threads of my family’s making. For in my care, are the souls of my two sons. And as the day merges into the night they run beside me under the stars, while the wilderness beckons them to come … [continue]

In The Waking, Be You

Full Heart

What do you need more of? What do you struggle with on a daily basis? What are you allowing to bring you down?   I want you to take a long deep breath and even a longer look at yourself in your mirror and allow yourself to truly touch your own soul.   We only […]


Be Guided on Purpose


Grab your coffee, tea, kambucha…you know whatever helps you settle in Mama. We are broaching THAT subject. Yup, the one that probably drives you crazy at times. After all, you do want to get it figured out. Right? Here it comes. PURPOSE. And that is about all the warning I can provide. So what do […]


Sticky Love Note .01


She Writes To Inspire


As I write this I am feeling vulnerable. But here it is. Over the last year, I had the opportunity to become quietly and really intimately connected with my life. At the start of this year, instead of making a list of goals or even a bucket list, I settled on living in the moment. […]